Attention: This demo site is for IProperty 2 for Joomla 2.5. To view the latest IProperty 3 demo and documentation for Joomla 3, please visit our IProperty 3 demo site here!

Intellectual Property is a Joomla real estate component developed by The Thinkery, LLC. We created this product after realizing that there was a need for high-quality tools for professional real estate and property management agencies, brokers and agents.

The Intellectual Property component is easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to customize. It is internationalized to allow multiple languages and currency/measurement formats, and leverages popular APIs like Google Maps to provide a user-friendly experience. It also supports custom sale types, making it versatile enough to work for rental agencies and estate agencies, and it can be extended with add-ons including reservation calendars and reporting tools.

Admin Management:
Log into the admin panel or front end
USERNAME: demo_manager
PASSWORD: demo_pass
Front-end Management (Super Agent):
Log in to the site here
USERNAME: super_agent
PASSWORD: super_pass
Front-end Management (Basic Agent):
Log in to the site here
USERNAME: basic_agent
PASSWORD: basic_pass

You may add or edit property listings, agent listings, and categories. Data will refresh itself every hour-- so don't worry too much about making mistakes. However, out of courtesy for other users please avoid deleting entries or posting actual real estate listings.

About this site:
This site is entirely "vanilla" IProperty. There is nothing shown on this site that does not come with the basic IProperty product, and there's nothing depicted here that you can't do with a decent Joomla template and a little effort! No custom programming, no custom CSS, no modifications!


InformationAdministrators have access to all data, front end and admin panel content. Managers (demo_manager user) also have access to all front end and admin content; however they are not able to use the backup and restore or import csv functionality in the admin panel, nor are they able to save global settings.

Super Agents

InformationSuper agents are able to edit all of their own listings, as well as their own company profile, agents, and agents' listings. They do not have access to the admin panel but can edit all available front end content for their own company.

Basic Agents

InformationBasic agents can edit their own listings and profile. They do not have access to any other agents' listings or company information. They do not have access to the admin panel. Administrators also have the option to make any agent a super agent from the admin panel.

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