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Works great out of the box, as a developer we have done a lot of customization work with ease. For real estate listings its a great extension in that the hard part has been done. The Thinkery has clearly thought out what is needed and useful for Real Estate Listings management.Review from the JED
  • Highly-configurable front-end property management options:
    • Restrict users to their own listings, or let them edit all listings belonging to their company
    • Create Super Agents to let agent-admins manage agents, properties and settings for their company
    • Keep non-critical users out of the Joomla admin system for security and peace of mind
  • Subscription based listings (free or paid) supported via 3rd party extensions. Currently Akeeba subscriptions and AEC plugins are available.
  • Automated email updates of saved property modifications or new results to a saved search
  • User-friendly Gallery management with multi-file upload and drag-and-drop image selection
    • Apply image titles, descriptions and re-order images without reloading the page
    • Add documents and floor-plans in PDF format with the same tools as you use for images
  • Drag-and-drop property geocoding using Google Maps and markers, or geocode automatically by property address
  • Ajax-powered advanced search view with Google Map and criteria sliders
  • Pre-built XML feeds for Google Earth, Zillow and Trulia allow you to syndicate listings to 3rd party services
  • Nearly 20 distinct views, including All Properties, All Agents, Company Agents, Category, and Company Properties
  • Request a Showing and Send to Friend Forms can be cc'd to Agent, Company, Site Admin, or a combination of the three
  • Multiple front-end Gallery options, including Slimbox, Scrolling, and more
  • Private Agent Notes field per property to allow agents to communicate privately
  • Customizable meta keyword and title tags per property allow users to tailor search engine fields to each listing
  • Unlimited Open House / Showings per property
  • Unlimited property Categories and Sub-Categories
  • Unlimited Companies, Agents and Property listings
  • Unlimited Co-Agents per Listing
  • Unlimited Amenities, categorizable by Interior, Exterior or General
  • Multi-language support
  • Dozens of Modules and Plugins included with your purchase to extend and customize your site
  • Pre-built views include:
    • Advanced Search View (Ajax Google Map search)
    • Category View
    • All Properties View
    • Hotsheet View (new or updated properties)
    • Companies View (all companies)
    • Agents View (all agents)
    • Company Agents View (all agents of a given company)
    • Company Properties View (all properties of a given company)
    • Agent Properties View (all properties of a given agent)
    • Property View (individual property)
    • Manage View (front end access for agents to manage listings)
    • Contact Company View (contact form for given company)
    • Contact Agent View (contact form for given agent)
    • Open Houses View (upcoming open house/showings)
    • Feed View (XML view configured for Zillow, Trulia, or other service)
    • User Favorites View (allows logged in users to manage saved properties and searches)
  • Default
  • Title
  • Date
  • Random


Administrators have access to all data, front end and admin panel content. Managers (demo_manager user) also have access to all front end and admin content; however they are not able to use the backup and restore or import csv functionality in the admin panel, nor are they able to save global settings.

username: demo_manager
password: demo_pass

Super Agents

Super agents are able to edit all of their own listings, as well as their own company profile, agents, and agents' listings. They do not have access to the admin panel but can edit all available front end content for their own company.

username: super_agent
password: super_pass

Basic Agents

Basic agents can edit their own listings and profile. They do not have access to any other agents' listings or company information. They do not have access to the admin panel. Administrators also have the option to make any agent a super agent from the admin panel.

username: basic_agent
password: basic_pass

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Basic Agent
Century 28

Since I'm a basic agent, I can log in from the front end of Joomla and edit my listings-- but only my listings, I can't change or unpublish the listings of that agent down the hall I don't like.

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Pike Street Property Seattle, Washington

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Pike Street Property
Pike Street Property Seattle, Washington

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Luxury Listing in Canada
Luxury Listing in Canada Ottawa, Ontario

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