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Professional Agents-- Need MLS data? XML feeds?

Are you a professional real estate agent or broker? Do you require automated data imports from an MLS association or other data source?

We can help! We have created dozens of custom import routines that can pull in XML, CSV, or RETS data and integrate these listings into your IProperty site. Please note: import routines are a service offering and are not part of the standard product.

The result is a seamless melding of the style of the IProperty product with the data from your MLS membership. All site functionality works just like the normal IProperty product. Your listings are imported automatically, with no intervention required, and you're free to enhance your site with all of the amazing extensions available to Joomla, including blogs, guest books, video galleries, commenting tools, and much, much more.

IProperty also includes pre-built XML feed views for Zillow and Trulia, allowing you to push data to these popular property portal sites automatically.

Other specialized versions of IProperty include:

  • multi-agent setups, allowing you to syndicate your listing data to multiple agent installations of IProperty within your brokerage from a central IProperty repository. You can easily disable access to the data, allowing you to maintain control over listing data in case an agent leaves your brokerage.
  • IProperty Flexif you use FlexMLS by FBS as your provider, we have a custom-built version of IProperty that uses the FBS Spark Platform API system to issue real-time data requests, pulling in the freshest data possible. This system is far cheaper and easier to configure than most professional real estate sites, and looks beautiful to boot! Data is always up to date, and creating a professional, feature-filled site for yourself or your clients has never been easier.
  • custom XML "push" feeds, to syndicate your site's listing data to a wide variety of data consumers.

To learn more about our professional real estate solutions, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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