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IProperty Features

What are modules and plugins? Modules and plugins are extensions of the component to broaden the functionality of the base Intellectual Property product. The modules listed below are available at no charge with your Intellectual Property subscription. You'll see many of the standard modules at play right here on this site. Of course, these modules are all optional - you decide which ones to use on your site.

Front End Modules:

  • mod_ip_advzsearch
    Display an Intellectual Property search module similar to Zillow's homepage
  • mod_ip_agenttoolbar
    Displays a front end toolbar for agents when logged in and front end ACL is enabled
  • mod_ip_catmenu
    Creates a menu of available IProperty categories linking to list view
  • mod_ip_citylinks
    Displays a list of cities with a link to all listings within the city
  • mod_ip_featuredagents
    Displays featured agent image, name and company
  • mod_ip_featuredcompanies
    Displays featured company image/brief description
  • mod_ip_featuredproperties
    Displays featured properties image/brief description
  • mod_ip_genericproperties
    Displays properties based on parameters passed in the module instance
  • mod_ip_mapmodule
    Displays listings in Google or Bing map in module position (new IP3.2.1)
  • mod_ip_mlssearch
    Displays search box to search listings by reference number (mls id)
  • mod_ip_openhouse
    Display list of up-coming open houses if available
  • mod_ip_planwise
    Display planwise.com mortgage calculator widget
  • mod_ip_popularproperties
    Displays most popular properties by hits image/brief description
  • mod_ip_quicksearch
    Displays quick search form
  • mod_ip_randomagent
    Displays random agent image/brief description
  • mod_ip_randomproperties
    Displays random properties image/brief description
  • mod_ip_recentproperties
    Displays most recently added listings
  • mod_ip_recentsold
    Displays most recently sold listings
  • mod_ip_recentviewed
    Displays recently viewed properties 
  • mod_ip_relatedproperties
    Displays list view of related properties by location, category, etc when viewing a listing’s details
  • mod_ip_slideshow_galleria
    Displays a slideshow of properties - optional featured or by category
  • mod_ip_slideshow_glide
    Displays a slideshow of properties - responsive and mobile touch friendly
  • mod_ip_tagcloud
    Displays a tag cloud module pulling most-used words from IProperty items
  • mod_ip_zillowmrates
    Displays current mortgage rates in module position (requires a Zillow api key)
  • mod_ip_zsearch
    Displays a single text search like Google or Zillow.com in a module position

Admin Modules:

  • mod_ip_quickicon_admin
    Displays quick icon links to IProperty in the admin control panel
  • mod_ip_popular_admin
    Displays list of most popular properties by hits in the admin control panel

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Call for price

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Boyd Ave Beauty!
Boyd Ave Beauty! Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

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Boistfort 4 bed 2 bath
Boistfort 4 bed 2 bath Curtis, Washington

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Summit Drive Stunner
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