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IProperty Features

What are modules and plugins? Modules and plugins are extensions of the component to broaden the functionality of the base Intellectual Property product. The plugins listed below are available at no charge with your Intellectual Property subscription. Many of the standard plugins are at play on this site - such as the additional street view, currency conversion, driving directions, facebook comments, gallery, google places and walkscore tabs in the property details view. Not to mention some 'behind the scenes' plugins for searching and site maps. Of course, all of these plugins are optional and you can decide which to use on your own site!

3rd Party Plugins:

  • plg_ip_searchbot
    Plugin to search IProperty data via the Joomla com_search extension
  • plg_ip_xmap
    IProperty site map plugin for use with Xmap extension (Xmap must be installed)
  • plg_ip_falang
    Content plugins to work with com_falang extension for multi-lingual sites.
  • plg_ip_sh404
    SEF url plugin to work with sh404sef extension (sh404sef must be installed). NOTE: As of IP2.5 this is no longer a plugin, but included as part of the product.
  • plg_ip_osmap
    IProperty site map plugin for use with OSmap extension (OSmap must be installed)

Native Plugins:

  • plg_ip_addthis
    Creates an addthis toolbar on property details page
  • plg_ip_admintools
    Creates an admin tool tab in the IP control panel - individual tool plugins can be added as needed
  • plg_ip_adwordconvert
    Tracks Google adword conversions
  • plg_ip_agentgroup
    Adds agents and super agents to specific Joomla user groups on the fly
  • plg_ip_agentqr
    Displays agent contact data in vCard or meCard format in QR Code in agent view
  • plg_ip_autoalias
    Tool to extend the admintools plugin which will auto-create safe aliases for categories, companies, listings, and agents if they do not exist
  • plg_ip_craigslist
    Displays a new tab in the property definition admin showing an HTML code view of the property suitable for pasting into Craigslist and other sites
  • plg_ip_currency
    Displays new tab to convert listing price to other currencies
  • plg_ip_directions
    Displays new tab on property details page for Google driving directions
  • plg_ip_disqus
    Adds comments to your Disqus page
  • plg_ip_dpe
    Content plugin which displays DPE energy charts in property details description. See in action here.
  • plg_ip_favoritetools
    Creates tabbed area in user favorites area to inquire multiple saved properties and allows flexibility for future enhancements
  • plg_ip_fbcomment
    Display a Facebook 'comment' area in the property details view
  • plg_ip_fblike
    Displays Facebook 'like' button in the property details view
  • plg_ip_fblisting
    Automatically posts new listings to your Facebook profile
  • plg_ip_fbshare
    Share listings to your Facebook profile
  • plg_ip_findmyschooluk
    Displays a list of nearby schools in the UK provided by findmyschools.co.uk
  • plg_ip_gallery
    Displays new tab with click-able (slimbox or modal) thumbnail gallery
  • plg_ip_googleplusone
    Display Google Plus One icon in property details view
  • plg_ip_gplaces
    Displays a tab in the property details view for Google Places information. Optional place types in settings (restaurants, schools, etc)
  • plg_ip_greatschools
    Note: GreatSchools.com data is only available in the US and may not work for your location. An API key is required. More information here: http://www.greatschools.org/api/registration.page
  • plg_ip_installer
    This plugin will validate the IProperty automatatic updates when user has a valid subscription download ID.
  • plg_ip_ipropertylink
    A WYSIWYG editor button to insert an IP listing link directly in article content
  • plg_ip_jcomments
    Displays a tab for user added comments using the JComments extension. JComments must be installed
  • plg_ip_jlike
    Displays rating system from the JLike extensions. JLike must be installed.
  • plg_ip_jomcomments
    Displays new tab for comments on property details page (requires JomComment subscription)
  • plg_ip_opencurrency
    Currency conversion plugin to convert listing prices on the fly
  • plg_ip_pinterest
    Adds a Pinterest button in property details view to add listings to your Pinterest page
  • plg_ip_privatemessage
    Automatically adds a Joomla private message to administrators user or agent when a showing is requested or inquiry is made
  • plg_ip_propertyqr
    Displays property data in QR Code in property view
  • plg_ip_quickicons
    Plugin to display quick links to IProperty views from admin control panel
  • plg_ip_streetview
    Displays new tab for Google Street View on property details page
  • plg_ip_topproducer
    Sends user-submitted showing request forms into real estate CRM tool Top Producer
  • plg_ip_tweetlisting
    Automatically adds a 'tweet' to your Twitter account when you update or save a listing
  • plg_ip_tweetthis
    Displays a Twitter 'Tweet' button in property details view
  • plg_ip_walkscore
    Displays tab for Walk Score results on property details page
  • plg_ip_ytembed
    Embed a YouTube video as a new tab in the property display view

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