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Thank you for your interest in IProperty. If you have any pre-sales questions, please feel free to post them in our pre-sales questions forum.

IProperty was built for agents, property managers, and web developers to quickly and easily launch a full-featured, effective website for their online presence. Imagine that you could have a powerful, beautiful and responsive website similar to this demo site in a matter of minutes! You don’t have to imagine - it’s a reality!

Since 2009, IProperty has been tried and true in the real estate world. After all of these years, it remains a top-rated Joomla! real estate extension world-wide. With hundreds of reviews and thousands of satisfied customers, IProperty is a full-featured real estate package to help any real estate professional get that initial conversation started with potential buyers. IProperty offers all of the tools to connect and keep a finger on the pulse of potential buyers' needs. It can be installed on any Joomla 3+ website, and installation is a breeze! See how it can help you!

The Agent Advantage:

The Thinkery built IProperty in cooperation with the best selling agents from one of the top-ranked brokerages in the United States (names withheld to protect the guilty!). Through this process we learned volumes about what an agent wants and needs – how to quickly and cleanly present the listings for potential buyers, how to provide the agent with the tools to show his or her clients how hard the website is working for them, how to connect online and cultivate relationships with users.

As an agent, you want a clean, navigable website to showcase all of your listings with no hassle, no worries, all at a reasonable price. A place where potential buyers can go and search for properties in the area, view property details and image galleries, save favorite properties and search results, and request more information or a showing. IProperty. Check.

Tech-savvy agents out there might want more functionality that isn’t included in the box. A blog. A newsletter. A Twitter feed. No problem! IProperty is built on the award winning Joomla! platform. More secure and robust than Wordpress or any other content management system out there, with thousands of free extensions at the tips of your fingers! IProperty. Check.

The Property Manager Advantage:

Property managers want a website where they can upload and showcase their properties to potential short or long term renters. An admin panel where they can easily manage their listings, un-publish listings that are currently rented, or feature listings that they need to rent as soon as possible. IProperty has all of the tools to easily display your listings in a clean and appealing way, a user friendly admin panel to manage, publish, un-publish, or feature listings with a click of the button. For those duplexes and apartment listings, wouldn't it be nice to be able to clone one listing, along with images, amenities and everything else instead of manually entering each one? Oh, yeah...IProperty does that too!

And for all of you property managers with hundreds or thousands of listings, the last thing you want to do is manually input each one. To save time, we have built a handy-dandy import tool which allows you to structure your listings data and import hundreds or thousands of listings in seconds! We even provide the sample files to get you started!

The Developer Advantage:

As a developer, you want a well-coded, flexible, customizable and overridable product that will make your website build easier in order to focus on the client’s needs. You want a powerful tool that does the heavy lifting so you can make your development time more efficient and put your effort into the design, navigation, and layouts that make your clients happy. IProperty. Check.

IProperty is very well coded, flexible, customizable and overridable so you can easily fine tune all layouts to match any template. Not to mention the fact that it’s built on the award winning, open source Joomla! platform, which gives you a secure, user friendly cms with thousands of free extensions to build your client’s dream websites. And what about all of those modules and plugins that come in the IProperty package? That should make your life easier, right?

Along with the extensions you can freely add to your website, IProperty also offers the ability to extend functionality from within the code without needing to modify any core code. With custom plugin event triggers throughout the product, you can build your own plugins to satisfy those unique client needs. Check out the plugin positions and arguments here.

Ask us!

If you still have questions -- maybe you have some custom functionality that's needed in your next big project -- don't hesitate to post any questions in our pre-sales questions forum here. Thanks for your interest in IProperty!

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