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Thank you for your interest in IProperty. If you have any pre-sales questions, please feel free to post them in our pre-sales questions forum.

The Spark Platform API is a revolutionary offering in the real estate world. Created by FBS Data, a premier provider of MLS data services, the Spark Platform API was created to provide standardized access to MLS data from participating real estate boards / MLS associations.

What this means for you or for your customers is that you can create an amazing website with all the user-friendly features of Joomla and all the sophistication of IProperty to showcase live MLS data from your association, without the complexity of  RETS queries, the cost and difficulty of creating data sync routines, or the headache and hassle of storing all the data and images in your local database!

Participating MLS associations include:

  • GVS - Green Valley/Sahuarita
  • CAZ - Central Arizona BOR
  • NRV - New River Valley Association
  • WBG - Williamsburg Multiple Listing Service
  • SHA - Shasta Association
  • TET - Teton BOR
  • JAM - Jamestown BOR
  • WIL - Williston BOR
  • AK - Alaska MLS
  • AGS - Aspen Glenwood MLS
  • GCO - Grand County BOR
  • TEL - Telluride Association
  • MSD - Mitchell, SD
  • MUS - Muscatine BOR
  • NEO - Northeast Oklahoma BOR
  • SWI - Southwest Iowa AoR
  • VIR - Virgin Isles
  • GAR - Guam AoR
  • BRK - Berkshire County MLS
  • FLK - Florida Keys MLS
  • PBB - Palm Beach BoR
  • NCB - New Canaan MLS
  • STG - Washington County BoR
  • ICB - Iron County BoR
  • FBO - Fargo-Moorhead AoR
  • GFORKS - Grand Forks BoR
  • BDS - Wahpeton-Breckenridge Area BoR
  • DKN - Badlands BoR
  • DTL - Lakes Country AoR
  • FFM - Lake Region MLS
  • ALX - Greater Alexandria Area AoR
  • BMJ - Northwest Minnesota MLS
  • SEM - Southeast Minnesota MLS
  • HUR - Huron BoR
  • WTN - Northeast South Dakota BoR
  • ABERDEEN - Aberdeen MLS
  • CIA - Central Iowa BoR
  • LAK - Spirit Lake MLS
  • GAL - West Central Illinois AoR
  • CBR - Columbia, MO BoR
  • HAT - Hattiesburg Area AoR
  • TUP - Tupelo MLS
  • SJM - St. Joseph Regional AoR
  • HUM - Humboldt AoR
  • LINCOLN - Lincoln County MLS
  • CLATSOP - Clatsop AoR
  • TBR - Tillamook County BoR
  • WWM - Water Wonderland MLS
  • YAK - Yakima AoR
  • CSV - Central Susquehanna Valley BoR
  • CAR - Carbon County AoR
  • POC - Pocono Mountains AoR
  • PWA - Pike Wayne AoR
  • WBA - Greater Wilkes Barre AoR
  • SCR - Greater Scranton BoR
  • WBV - West Branch Valley AoR
  • KEY - Keystone MLS
  • PIERRE - Pierre Area MLS
  • AMT - Amarillo AoR
  • SBR - Santa Barbara MLS
  • BVB - Bitterroot Valley BoR
  • GTF - Great Falls AoR
  • NEW - Northeast Washington AoR
  • SAW - Sun Valley BoR 

If you or your clients are a member of one of these organizations, you can be up and running with a fully-functional, totally up-to-date website with access to all of your MLS data, without scripting, sync'ing, or processing a single listing!

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about how IProperty for Spark Platform can help you!

IProperty was built for agents, property managers, and web developers to quickly and easily launch a full-featured, effective website for their online presence. Imagine that you could have a powerful, beautiful and responsive website similar to this demo site in a matter of minutes! You don’t have to imagine - it’s a reality!

Since 2009, IProperty has been tried and true in the real estate world. After all of these years, it remains a top-rated Joomla! real estate extension world-wide. With hundreds of reviews and thousands of satisfied customers, IProperty is a full-featured real estate package to help any real estate professional get that initial conversation started with potential buyers. IProperty offers all of the tools to connect and keep a finger on the pulse of potential buyers' needs. It can be installed on any Joomla 3+ website, and installation is a breeze! See how it can help you!

The Agent Advantage:

The Thinkery built IProperty in cooperation with the best selling agents from one of the top-ranked brokerages in the United States (names withheld to protect the guilty!). Through this process we learned volumes about what an agent wants and needs – how to quickly and cleanly present the listings for potential buyers, how to provide the agent with the tools to show his or her clients how hard the website is working for them, how to connect online and cultivate relationships with users.

As an agent, you want a clean, navigable website to showcase all of your listings with no hassle, no worries, all at a reasonable price. A place where potential buyers can go and search for properties in the area, view property details and image galleries, save favorite properties and search results, and request more information or a showing. IProperty. Check.

Tech-savvy agents out there might want more functionality that isn’t included in the box. A blog. A newsletter. A Twitter feed. No problem! IProperty is built on the award winning Joomla! platform. More secure and robust than Wordpress or any other content management system out there, with thousands of free extensions at the tips of your fingers! IProperty. Check.

The Property Manager Advantage:

Property managers want a website where they can upload and showcase their properties to potential short or long term renters. An admin panel where they can easily manage their listings, un-publish listings that are currently rented, or feature listings that they need to rent as soon as possible. IProperty has all of the tools to easily display your listings in a clean and appealing way, a user friendly admin panel to manage, publish, un-publish, or feature listings with a click of the button. For those duplexes and apartment listings, wouldn't it be nice to be able to clone one listing, along with images, amenities and everything else instead of manually entering each one? Oh, yeah...IProperty does that too!

And for all of you property managers with hundreds or thousands of listings, the last thing you want to do is manually input each one. To save time, we have built a handy-dandy import tool which allows you to structure your listings data and import hundreds or thousands of listings in seconds! We even provide the sample files to get you started!

The Developer Advantage:

As a developer, you want a well-coded, flexible, customizable and overridable product that will make your website build easier in order to focus on the client’s needs. You want a powerful tool that does the heavy lifting so you can make your development time more efficient and put your effort into the design, navigation, and layouts that make your clients happy. IProperty. Check.

IProperty is very well coded, flexible, customizable and overridable so you can easily fine tune all layouts to match any template. Not to mention the fact that it’s built on the award winning, open source Joomla! platform, which gives you a secure, user friendly cms with thousands of free extensions to build your client’s dream websites. And what about all of those modules and plugins that come in the IProperty package? That should make your life easier, right?

Along with the extensions you can freely add to your website, IProperty also offers the ability to extend functionality from within the code without needing to modify any core code. With custom plugin event triggers throughout the product, you can build your own plugins to satisfy those unique client needs. Check out the plugin positions and arguments here.

Ask us!

If you still have questions -- maybe you have some custom functionality that's needed in your next big project -- don't hesitate to post any questions in our pre-sales questions forum here. Thanks for your interest in IProperty!

Professional Agents-- Need MLS data? XML feeds?

Are you a professional real estate agent or broker? Do you require automated data imports from an MLS association or other data source?

We can help! We have created dozens of custom import routines that can pull in XML, CSV, or RETS data and integrate these listings into your IProperty site. Please note: import routines are a service offering and are not part of the standard product.

The result is a seamless melding of the style of the IProperty product with the data from your MLS membership. All site functionality works just like the normal IProperty product. Your listings are imported automatically, with no intervention required, and you're free to enhance your site with all of the amazing extensions available to Joomla, including blogs, guest books, video galleries, commenting tools, and much, much more.

IProperty also includes pre-built XML feed views for Zillow and Trulia, allowing you to push data to these popular property portal sites automatically.

Other specialized versions of IProperty include:

  • multi-agent setups, allowing you to syndicate your listing data to multiple agent installations of IProperty within your brokerage from a central IProperty repository. You can easily disable access to the data, allowing you to maintain control over listing data in case an agent leaves your brokerage.
  • IProperty Flexif you use FlexMLS by FBS as your provider, we have a custom-built version of IProperty that uses the FBS Spark Platform API system to issue real-time data requests, pulling in the freshest data possible. This system is far cheaper and easier to configure than most professional real estate sites, and looks beautiful to boot! Data is always up to date, and creating a professional, feature-filled site for yourself or your clients has never been easier.
  • custom XML "push" feeds, to syndicate your site's listing data to a wide variety of data consumers.

To learn more about our professional real estate solutions, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

4.0.1 Intellectual Property 2017-10-09

  • Enhancement - Replaced Pluploader with Dropzone.js in IProperty image manager
  • Enhancement - Add "street direction" field for property listing addresses
  • Enhancement - Implemented caching in multiple core functions for increased speed
  • Enhancement - Implemented caching in helper functions for increased speed
  • Enhancement - Updates for Falang multilingual front end translations (requires IProperty Falang v3.3.6 content elements installed separately)
  • Enhancement - Update for Falang multilingual keyword search in agents, companies, and properties front end list and manage views
  • Enhancement - Add featured option to IP Map Module
  • Enhancement - Remove most deprecated Joomla method calls including JError
  • Enhancement - Update Walkscore plugin to work with new WS service
  • Enhancement - Add GreatSchools.com plugin to replace Education.com
  • Enhancement - Add option to sort properties in admin view by modified date
  • Enhancement - Updated Google Places plugin to work with changes to the service
  • Enhancement - Improved advanced search amenities query construction
  • Enhancement - Add order by ordering option to featured agents module
  • Enhancement - Add form method option to zsearch module
  • Enhancement - Bing maps v8 support and cleaned up map scripts
  • Bug fix - admin amenities view clear search button fix
  • Bug fix - email update created/modified date query fix. Email updates were not being found due to incorrect query for listings created or modified after last sent date.
  • Bug fix - save search panel not displaying in advanced search view when 'save property' option is disabled. Wrong variable.
  • Bug fix - advanced search (1 & 2) ajax route problem with sef urls. Raw format issue fixed.
  • Bug fix - admin panel 'users with saved properties' also pulling users with saved searches instead of only users with saved properties
  • Bug fix - fix issues with Bing maps when using SSL
  • Bug fix - fix issue with waterfront searches in menu items and adv search
  • Bug fix - fix issue with timeouts when generating empty snippet
  • Bug fix - fix issue with IP News feed timeouts
  • Bug fix - ensure random ordering works in object models
  • Bug fix - Removed jToolbarHelper throwing 500 errors due to J3.7 updates
  • Info - removed Education.com school finder plugin, as they have discontinued the API 3.3.5 Intellectual Property 2016-06-30
3.3.5 Intellectual Property 2016-06-30

  • Enhancement - Added key param to Google maps api urls. This is now required by Google: http://googlegeodevelopers.blogspot.com.es/2016/06/building-for-scale-updates-to-google.html. Enter the api key in the 'map credentials' field in your IP misc map settings field.
  • Bug fix - Due to changes in Google maps api, the cluster icons path was changed. The path has been updated to fix the cluster icon display.
  • Bug fix - When using drop downs instead of sliders in advanced search, the drop downs were not populating with saved search criteria when clicking to view a saved search
  • Bug fix - User favorites default tab state fix. When user has 'save properties' disabled, but 'save searches' enabled, the tab was not setting the active tab state correctly.
  • Bug fix - In the User favorites view, when deleting an item the alert message was not escaped and caused js errors in certain languages. Delete message is now escaped to avoid js errors.
  • Bug fix - On installation, reset the update check date and message to avoid seeing that an update is available even after updating to the latest.
  • Info - Added deprecated ipropertyHtml class and methods to prevent breaking overrides. NOTE: if using overrides, any instance of deprecated methods will need to be changed to avoid breaking when they are removed.
3.3.4 Intellectual Property 2016-04-05

  • Bug fix - fixed issue in agent/company/category image uploader refresh
  • Bug fix - fixed missing property helper in admin properties view
  • Bug fix - fixed agents per page setting in companyagents view
  • Bug fix - fixed issue in quick search module query with keyword text
  • Bug fix - issue with categories in Related Properties module
  • Bug fix - fixed missing linkedin and fb fields in front-end agent form
  • Bug fix - removed deprecated sensor param from gmaps
  • Bug fix - improved callback for streetview tab
  • Bug fix - issue with available date selector
  • Bug fix - fixed issue with agents view not respecting limit
  • Bug fix - fixed issue with availability calendar timezone
  • Bug fix - removed deprecated param set method in modules
  • Bug fix - change behavior so users can't save duplicate favorite listings
  • Bug fix - fixed issue with gallery uploader when no map provider is selected
  • Bug fix - hide driving directions plugin when no map provider is selected
  • Bug fix - fixed issue with cat module helper
  • Enhancement - Added category map marker field and functionality to show different markers for each category
  • Enhancement - fixed static methods in Feed model
  • Enhancement - added sale type option to AdvSearch2
  • Enhancement - added open graph tags to category and allproperties menu items
  • Enhancement - adding subdivision filter to category and allproperties menu items
  • Enhancement - adding subdivision filter to advsearch
  • Enhancement - made update check only check once per week to avoid loading delays
  • Enhancement - added inclusions amenity type
  • Enhancement - added grid view to agent and company properties
  • Enhancement - rebuilt request forms to work with reCaptcha v2
  • Enhancement - restyled details tab to fit span width better
  • Enhancement - added admin icons back into admin layout
  • Enhancement - rewrote backup / restore routine for mysqli
  • Enhancement - removed deprecated SimplePie in favor of JFeed
  • Enhancement - rebuilt sidebar to minimize code duplication
  • Enhancement - CSS fixes and style improvements
  • Feature - added new Slideshow Glide module to replace deprecated Mootools-based Galleria
  • Feature - include property listing title / link on agent / company contact button click
  • Feature - added map marker icon option to category object
  • Feature - added map category legend showing new map icons with category
  • Feature - rebuilt / tested many core features for PHP 7.0 compliance
  • Feature - added support for Falang front-end editing features
3.3.3 Intellectual Property 2015-06-15

  • Bug fix - fixed featured company show / hide
  • Bug fix - namespaced mod_ip_mapmodule lang strings to avoid conflict with advsearch
  • Bug fix - fixed bug with KML in propform edit view
  • Bug fix - fixed property selection modal in openhouse view
  • Bug fix - fixed bug in agentQR plugin
  • Bug fix - fixed problem with browser page titles
  • Bug fix - fixed home view featured property limit bug
  • Enhancement - updated import csv / xml to use subdivision
  • Enhancement - rewrote advsearch ajax routes for better SEF / multilingual support
  • Enhancement - added multilingual support for Google Places API v 3
  • Enhancement - added apartment / unit string to street address helper
  • Enhancement - added new cat icons to map module
  • Enhancement - added param to set map size in cat / allprops views
  • Enhancement - added more flexibility in properties per page setting to support odd numbered grid views
  • Enhancement - added option to use MATCH AGAINST or LIKE for text searches
  • Enhancement - added openhouse import support to CSV importer
  • Enhancement - added city, state, country etc. select lists for agent and company menu items
  • Enhancement - added social links to agent properties view
  • Enhancement - added Prev / Next buttons to the Manage view New Property tabs
  • Feature - added Disqus comment plugin
  • Feature - added Agent title field
  • Feature - added Agents per Page setting
  • Feature - added option to hide short description in grid view
  • Feature - added option to use / disable cascade on quick search mod and widgets
  • Feature - added subdivision to quick search mod and widgets
  • Feature - added Generic property module-- more flexibility for modules
  • Feature - added Facebook Share plugin
3.3.2 Intellectual Property 2015-01-28

  • Bug fix - All Props / Cat view with Bing Maps and map module
  • Bug fix - front end Company icon uploader
  • Bug fix - clear marker clusters on pagination
  • Bug fix - removed unneeded back-end data in property helper
  • Bug fix - updated Twitter Tweet This plugin
  • Bug fix - check in from front end property list view redirect
  • Bug fix - added check for IPGMAP constant in propform view
  • Bug fix - various improvements / fixes to gallery scripts
  • Bug fix - fixed timezone issue with openhouses
  • Bug fix - fixed minor issue with image ordering in thumbnail helper
  • Bug fix - fixed issue in quick search with price dropdowns not showing default values
  • Bug fix - fixed issue in OpenHouses view where listing were grouped by prop id
  • Bug fix - fixed language string issue with number format in IP Settings
  • Bug fix - updated image strings in csv / xml import sample files
  • Bug fix - fixed issues with S3 slider and caroufredsel galleries
  • Bug fix - fixed browser page title bug
  • Bug fix - fixed issue with super agents being allowed to approve when admin was required
  • Enhancement - removed extra getPropertyItems call in ajax controller
  • Enhancement - optimized query helper
  • Enhancement - added color-coded icons / cat icons to advanced search
  • Enhancement - added search by sqft, acreage and lotsize to quick search
  • Enhancement - added RANDOM() orderby to default IP Agents, Companies, Properties
  • Enhancement - added select options to slideshow module
  • Enhancement - added alias to csv / xml import objects
  • Feature - new Advanced Search view (advsearch2) added
  • Feature - added keyword search to Advanced Search
  • Feature - added option to upload property images to Amazon S3
  • Feature - improved keyword search syntax
  • Feature - added ZSearch Zillow-style search module
  • Feature - added Planwise.com financial module
  • Feature - added option for pre-text on Category and All Props views
  • Feature - added bio / description option to Company
  • Feature - added Featured filter option to Category and All Props menu items: show ONLY featured
  • Feature - added location options to Random / Featured Agent modules
  • Feature - added jLike plugin (requires jLike extension to be installed)
  • Feature - added location option to Companies and Agents menu items
  • Feature - added Grid layout for Category and All Props views
  • Feature - added option to show / hide category, property and location tab on advanced search
  • Feature - added Craigslist / HTML generator plugin
  • Feature - added YouTube embed plugin
  • Feature - added Top Producer lead tracking plugin
  • Feature - added Open Exchange Rate currency conversion plugin
3.3.1 Intellectual Property 2014-06-06

  • Added optional Sqft/Sqm filter to quick search (component and module)
  • Language path fix for image uploader
  • Upped the limit for advanced search results
  • Fixed bug with multiple gmap scripts in map module
  • Quick search module caching bug fix
  • Added missing fields to query helper
  • Removed cat featured position - only need one featured position setting under property tab
  • Improved admin keyword field search by region, city, and province when applicable
  • Bug fixes
3.3 Intellectual Property 2014-05-01

  • Added Adv Search Google Map marker clustering
  • Added cat menu module to install package
  • Updated Plupload scripts to latest build (v2.1.1)
  • Fixed bug in IP toolbar showing calculator price when 'call for price' is set to true
  • Added trim function to property model to remove any trailing spaces after value name
  • Rewrote query helper to pull only columns needed in properties view to save bandwidth
  • Fixed typo in galleryform plugin
  • Added additional bottom pagination to advanced search results
  • Added menu params for HOA, REO, and Waterfront in property list views
  • Bug fix - front end open house form modal window path was incorrect when sef enabled
  • Bug fix - added decoding for country and state to adv search overview option
  • Added logic so title will no longer override property view sidebar address.
  • Added association helper to find associated IP content from Falang translations
  • Routing and misc improvements for multilingual sites using Falang
  • Minor enhancements and bug fixes
  • Post release - fixed minor issues causing php notices
3.2.1 Intellectual Property 2014-02-04

  • * Added optional IP router (beta) for sef urls when using Joomla SEF - enable in IP general settings under 'Other' section
  • * Many improvements in code and Falang content elements for multilingual sites
  • * New responsive gallery types options - Flex Slider and Nivo Slider now available
  • * IP Slideshow Galleria module - new theme support and custom Thinkery responsive theme. Set in module params.
  • * Bug fix - property edit form latitude and longitude fields blank by default in order to geocode new locations
  • * IP gallery plugin - new options to disable the IP lightbox and use template or widgetkit lightbox functionality
  • * Rebuilt IP DPE content plugin to be responsive and translatable via language strings in plugin settings (header, footer, measurements)
  • * New admin Quick Links plugin. Deprecated IP Quick Links MODULE. Now use the IP quick links PLUGIN. Enable via plugins manager->quickicon.
  • * Added multi-lingual support for agent QR code plugin note
  • * Bug fix for Thinkery footer showing in open house manage view when 'show footer' option is set to 'no'
  • * Added Skype hyperlinks to agent views - removed skypeme plugin
  • * Added property QR plugin to show QR code for property URL
  • * Advanced search category ordering bug fix
  • * Bug fix for company email in request showing form - company id was not set when using the send to company and agent option
  • * Added option to globally hide the 'request showing' tab - it's still possible to hide per sale type
  • * Added new options for amenity categories (Accessibility, Energy Saving, Security, Landscape, and Community)
  • * Added GPS location feature to Driving Directions plugin when on mobile device
  • * IP user layout fix - removed 'nowrap' class to prevent breakage in responsive layouts
  • * Rewrote IP Slideshow Galleria module to use json strings to eliminate issues with illegal characters
  • * New IP Map module to show Gmap or Bing map of listings in module position
  • * Added Print function to driving directions plugin
  • * Changed lot_acres to show decimal
  • * Added auto-complete option to MLS search module. If enabled, will auto-complete with ref# list that the current user can view
  • * Many minor bug fixes and improvements
3.2 Intellectual Property 2013-11-19

  • * Added front end open house management for agents
  • * New agent groups system plugin (assigns specific user group to agents and super agents 'on the fly'. Read the plugin README.TXT file!)
  • * New site agent toolbar module. Creates a front end pinned toolbar when agents are logged in via front end.
  • * Option to pass additional file types via template override for image uploader. Property edit form (admin and site)
  • * Bug fix - company email function returning no result
  • * Extended the character length of saved search strings in the IP saved db table
  • * Bug fix - quick search filters resetting when hitting enter (agent, company, and property keyword search)
  • * Bug fix - Docs tab fix for empty document titles
  • * Added option to show/hide quick search filters in property list views
  • * Bug fix - advanced search sortable mls_id field
  • * Added UTF-8 encoding to all htmlentities usage to eliminate issues with PHP < 5.4
  • * Added option to hide listings with no image in property modules
  • * Added company agents needle to agent properties route (thanks to bianchijc)
  • * Bug fix - RTL language fix for sliders
  • * Bug fix - Facebook Comments plugin not working with Bootstrap tabs
  • * Bug fix - javascript bug causing adv search markers to be created for 0/0 locations
  • * Lightbox gallery fix - updated Lightbox js to work with J3.2
  • * Removed currency conversion plugin using Google API (deprecated)
  • * Added currency conversion plugin using ECB data
  • * Re-ordered address fields in front-end propform
  • * Bug fix - missing space in propinfo string
  • * Added Total Units field to property object
  • * Properties list default sort and order fix when using preset values in menu params or global settings
  • * Hide baths display in property overview when value is 0.00
  • * Front end checkin bug fix - null primary key not allowed error due to changes in J3.2
  • * Added update check to IP control panel to check for new IProperty, IPreserve, or IReport releases
  • * Added mls_org field to openhouses
  • * Minor bug fixes and enhancements
3.1.3 Intellectual Property 2013-08-30

  • * JFile import where needed due to changes in Joomla 3.1.5 core
  • * Request showing and send to friend forms converted to JForm
  • * Forms updated to handle all captcha plugins instead of only core ReCaptcha plugin (3rd party plugins must support multiple instances on a single page to work in property details view!)
  • * Re-ordered property address inputs to be more logical
  • * Bug fix - moved image gallery message div to avoid data errors
  • * Added mls_org to agents and companies
  • * Adding KML upload option to property edit form map
  • * Making query helper use consistent in modules and models
  • * Fixing problems in Kyero feed view
  • * Bug fix - property list views breadcrumb display not handling array of pre-set menu params
  • * Bug fix - property url was not translating with Falang alias definition
  • * Bug fix - typo in eupdate file
  • * Set streetViewControl to false in property map view
  • * Added skypeme plugin
  • * Added form rules to ban email addresses, subjects, and messages according to com_contact banned lists
  • * Bug fix - automatic search updates email $config->getValue to get
  • * Additional number formatting for baths, sqft, tax, income fields
  • * New options for IP slideshow module - new 'original' (IP2 type) layout and options
  • * Lat/long db field types changed to double type to handle longer values
  • * Bug fix - basic agent should not approve their own listings
  • * New property gallery type - NIVO gallery option
3.1.2 Intellectual Property 2013-06-07

  • * Added additional mls columns to handle multiple mls imports
  • * Option to hide/show request form per sale type (feature request - hide form on sold listings)
  • * Fixed http / https issue with scripts when using SSL server
  • * Updated Plupload to v 1.5.7
  • * Added map_locale option to set default localization of Google Maps
  • * Added semantic markup to agent / company object
  • * Optional "hard 404" to return 404 HTTP code if property / agent / company not found
  • * Option to disable admin feeds for Thinkery News and FAQ
  • * Option to load bootstrap css when using non-bootstrap equipped templates
  • * Added front end capabilities and modal layout to IP link editor button
  • * Bug fix - check cat published state in data helper
  • * Added color class to approved and disapproved button in manage list views for clarity
  • * Reworked helper functions to return the reference id (mls_id) if no address or title is available (feature request)
  • * Option to show number of hits on property overview and details views
  • * Added location filters to citylinks module
  • * Added option to create-if-new in XML / CSV importer
  • * Bug fix - sale type parameter in menu item params fix
  • * Bug fix - not handling special characters correctly
  • * Bug fix - check token on ajax location function
  • * Bug fix - featured companies module language string and db query fix
  • * Bug fix - agents created by super agent via front end were not assigned to user group
  • * Bug fix - added check for approved to cat count function
  • * Bug fix - reworked cron email update function
  • * Many minor bug fixes and enhancements
3.1.1 Intellectual Property 2013-05-08

  • * Bug fix - missing rss link in property list views
  • * Added 'read more' option and link to modules
  • * Adding Kyero feed format
  • * Bug fix - remove old manage model file if it exists from IP2 upgrade. No longer used in IP3
  • * Bug fix - maximum zoom now functional in advsearch, property, and catmap maps
3.1 Intellectual Property 2013-04-26

  • * Required update for J3.1 - bootstrap tabs fix due to change in Joomla core
  • * Converted admin property form view to use jhtml bootstrap tabs (required for add-on plugin positions)
  • * Updated DPE content plugin to allow multiple instances per page
  • * Updated install SQL and feed plugins to fix bug in settings
  • * Removed modal class in front end management list view to avoid template conflicts
  • * Property hide reo, hoa, and frontage - removed check for advsearch param by default
  • * Added jQuery touch punch for mobile drag functionality advsearch sliders
  • * Search plugin bug fix
  • * Bug fixes - feed view, blank sale type in menu params, and default sort/order in menu params
3.0 Intellectual Property 2013-04-05

  • First stable release
  • Added cascading location filters to quick searches (component and module)
  • Added open graph meta tags to property view
  • Quick search module finished
  • Beds and fractional baths field fixes
  • Added alias support to sh404sef plugin - defaults to title/street address if none available
  • Added alias to falang elements in order to translate alias per language
  • Hot sheet new and updated listings fix
  • Minimum beds/baths and price range query fix
  • Mobile compatibility improvements
  • Added banners to advanced search overview layout and map
  • Bug fix for html handling in advanced search descriptions
  • Bug fix keyword search
  • Added reported missing language strings
  • Bug fix for csv / xml importer
  • Bug fix for geocoder
  • All reported bugs fixed

3.0rc1 Intellectual Property 2013-02-15

  • Cleaned up email notifications for send to friend and request submissions
  • Responsive layout fixes and css clean up
  • Code cleanup - removing unneeded files and code
  • Layout development - added overview layout in advsearch view (under development)

3.0b Intellectual Property 2013-1-30

  • In progress items from alpha version nearly complete
  • Improved Advanced search layout and functionality with dependent filters in progress
  • New form field and modal layout to easily select properties (open house, property view menu, etc)
  • Ajax ordering updated and functional in admin views
  • Searchable amenities in Adv Search
  • Sortable by entire result set in Adv Search, rather than just sorting returned results
  • Removing native IP captcha plugin - now using core Joomla ReCaptcha for form security
  • Modules and plugins updated
  • New Featured Agents module
  • New Recently Sold (or other sale type) module
  • New editor button plugin to insert property links directly in article content
  • New Agent QR code plugin
  • New Facebook Listing plugin
  • Bug fixes
  • Query helper speed improvements
  • Added db->quoteName and db->escape to all query helper functions

3.0a Intellectual Property 2012-12-21

  • Completely remodeled using Twitter Bootstrap and Joomla JUI
  • Fully responsive front end and admin design (no more need for IP mobile plugin!)
  • More modular layouts for easier modification and customization via template overrides
  • New jQuery/Bootstrap image gallery and uploader
  • New advanced search using jQuery and Bootstrap with alternative map provider options
  • Drastically improved front end management including search filters, pagination and more
  • Major code, database and css cleanup, improving flexibility and simplifying customizations
  • New modules and plugins
  • New bulk import admin view to import csv or xml files
  • Improved slideshow options
  • Removed deprecated Joomla system calls for future compatibility
  • Major housekeeping in helpers and models for slimmer code and maintain-ability
  • Added Bing option for all maps
  • Rebuilt Adv Search view, made more modular and added templates for easier customization
  • Added drop-down option for Adv Search sliders
  • Dependent drop downs (in progress -- not available in alpha release)

2.0.1 Intellectual Property 2012-08-13

  • New advanced search layout option - now choose overview or sortable table layout in advsearch menu params
  • Added default criteria options to advanced search menu item params
  • Rewritten query helper to be much more efficient
  • Language bug fix in form field elements
  • Added helper function to accommodate remote company/agent images
  • Added option for admin moderation - if enabled, listings need to be re-approved after front end edits
  • New IPMobile system plugin - detects mobile browser and makes adjustments to IP content for better mobile compatibility
  • New Twitter 'tweetlisting' plugin - 'tweets' to your Twitter account after adding or editing a listing
  • New Pinterest plugin - allows users to pin listings to Pinterest.com
  • New private message plugin - sends Joomla private message to agent when user submits request or send to friend forms
  • New featured companies module - like featured property module, only now it's a company!
  • New featured agents module - like featured companies module, only now it's an agent!
  • New random agent module - displays a random agent image/brief profile info in module position
  • New parameters for agent, company, and city in featured properties module
  • New recently viewed module - displays recently viewed listings per session
  • Updated date/time picker js for openhouse entries
  • Bug fix - added addfieldpath to allproperties view menu item to include basic param selectors
  • Replaced safehtml filter in forms with component helper filter to filter input based on user level
  • Added more security for remote images in property gallery uploader
  • Keyword search now searches exploded string - supports full address search (1234 Street Address)
  • Companies search filter bug fix - keyword not working in companies list view
  • CSS consistency in component quick search filters - added labels and li elements for stylesheet control
  • Added loading div overlay back to advanced search map css
  • Added default keyword and search text to mls search module
  • Added video field/tab to front end editing form - filtered according to user level
  • Removed fixed widths in advanced search view for fluid layouts
  • Bug fix - pagination in all properties view after using quick search or city links module
  • Bug fix - h2 property header now h1 tag
  • Css fix for slideshow module thumbnail display
  • Modules update - new option to select subcategories as well as parent (featured, popular, random, recent, and slideshow mods)
  • New advanced search menu param for nested categories - if yes, subcats are displayed as sub-items of main cat
  • New advanced search menu param for category columns. Provides cleaner display of category check boxes
  • New menu param to display a map of listings in category, all properties, agent properties, and company property views
  • Template overridable css - option to copy IP css file into multiple template css folder from CSS edit view
  • New setting for forcing accent colors even if an iproperty.css exists in the template folder
  • Added sale type parameter to property modules to only return listings within specified sale type
  • New JComments plugin - displays JComments form in lower property tabs position
  • Auto complete city, region, province and county fields - reduces repetition of these fields
  • Added language support for new image uploader
  • Bug fix for agent and company website 'view website' link
  • *If upgrading, please read the upgrade notes!

2.0 Intellectual Property 2012-03-07

  • Front end management of listings, agents, and companies
  • Complete re-build of all admin views, models, and controllers using JForms
  • Flash, Silverlight, Gears, HTML5 compatible gallery uploader - upload multiple files at once
  • Drag and drop sortable images lists - drag from existing images, or re-arrange easily
  • Save search and previous search recall functionality
  • Optional email updates for saved searches and favorite listings (read documentation for cron script)
  • Radius search option in advanced search view
  • Improved ACL authorization - agent, super agent, and admin level all have different access
  • Categorized Amenities
  • Added admin filters for easier search ability
  • Category icons added to property list view
  • New optional social links for linkedin, facebook, and twitter
  • Improved routing
  • New views for front-end management - manage, property form, agent form, and company form
  • Separate controllers for task execution
  • Added alias fields to improve SEF url compatibility
  • New flexible field element for agent and company icon uploader
  • New field element for color picker with color recall of current accent and secondary colors
  • Added auto-installer for modules and plugins
  • Added update SQL directory
  • Moved install/uninstall SQL to admin/sql
  • Rewrote installer to use new Joomla installer methods
  • Built in sh404sef support for sef urls (requires sh404 to be installed)
  • Optional approval levels for new listings
  • Front end email notifications letting admin know when new listings are added, etc
  • Way too much more to list!

1.6.2 Intellectual Property 2011-10-07

  • First release 1.6.1 bug fixes and language file updates
  • New Open houses view (beta)
  • New slideshow gallery option
  • More efficient property queries
  • New modules and plugins
  • Maintenance upgrade

1.6.1 Intellectual Property 2011-07-25

  • First release for Joomla 1.6 & 1.7

1.5.6 Intellectual Property 2011-10-01

  • Required upgrade for IPortal, IPreserve, and IReport extensions
  • IE/Mootools upgrade plugin compatibility in admin views
  • New agent filter in admin properties view
  • Added company name to admin agent select list
  • Added thumbnail image to user favorites view rollover
  • Added security to admin controllers
  • Updated gmap scripts for added compatibility with national characters
  • Maintenance upgrade

1.5.5 Intellectual Property 2011-04-01

  • Updated install procedure - install over existing version 1.5.4. No more backup needed.
  • Dynamic sale types - user can manage sale types, custom banners, colors, etc from admin settings
  • Mootools 1.1 and 1.2 compatibility front-end and admin
  • Admin ACL - Option to restrict edit access to user's company/agent listings in admin panel
  • Captcha plugin position vs integrated - now optional and easier updates with options
  • Re-structured gallery management - images and documents can be saved/edited with one click
  • Option for thumbnail preview in advsearch view
  • CSV import functionality
  • Option to require login to view details - can search without logging in, but can't access details
  • Extended menu item parameters per advanced search view (sale type, location, etc)
  • Video field - new tab if content exists in property details (plug ins and embedded code support)
  • Google v3 maps - no api key necessary
  • Maximum zoom setting to enable/disable view of exact listing locations
  • Advanced search js updated for mootools 1.1 and 1.2
  • If no records found in advanced search, map will center to default lat & long with message overlay
  • Added css classes to advsearch sortable table display in order to customize to template
  • Virtual Tour field for external vtour link if available
  • Toggle functionality added to 'Save' and 'Mortgage Calculator' toolbar buttons
  • Content plugin support in property descriptions and agent bio descriptions
  • FAQ tab in admin control panel - pulls from Thinkery IProperty FAQs RSS
  • More category column display options in home view and modules
  • New updated banner if enabled in admin settings - set days to show as updated
  • Added title field to Open Houses (optional)
  • GMap thumbnail now re-sizes and displays banners like overview thumbnails
  • Hotpads feed
  • New settings fields: updated days, maximum zoom, extended quicksearch and advanced search options
  • New property fields: video, terms, region, reception, tax, suite/apt, virtual tour, expected income
  • JPEG, zip and avi file support in gallery documents
  • Option to show url or tinyurl in pdf flyer
  • Document tab position next to images instead of between map and street view
  • Added option to search by county and region in component quick search filters
  • Added option to search by country, county, and region to advanced search
  • Last updated added to property overview and details views
  • Search child categories in advsearch, cat, companyproperties, and agentproperties views
  • RSS category link now links to property details instead of category
  • Additional plugin positions to extend functionality of component via plugins
  • Bug fixes and feature requests
  • Much much more...

1.5.4 Intellectual Property 2010-07-13

  • New Routing Helper
  • SEF urls in advanced search
  • SEF url in emails
  • Add space after price when currency type is shown after the price - 100EEK, 100 EEK
  • Template overridable image to replace Iproperty image for no results on front-end
  • Support transparent pngs in icon uploader for companies, agents, categories
  • Satellite view in admin edit form for more accurate drag and drop pin pointing
  • Additional category filter in properties admin
  • UTF8 Backup - previous issues with foreign language should be fixed
  • Zillow/Trulia Feed
  • Google Base Feed
  • Google Base UK Feed
  • Google Earth KML Feed
  • Removed instances of inline styles
  • Rebuild admin control panel - tabbed view with stats, news, help, etc
  • Use Curl to display images in pdf
  • Added cURL support in PDF, Admin views (eliminates allow_url_fopen issue)
  • Add lightbox gallery for various image sizes
  • Add category title as rollover in admin admin property list view
  • Advanced search - if no short description, make sure it pulls part of the main description
  • Advanced search - only show preview link if property has lat and long
  • Number format on price sliders in advanced search
  • Add 'No Limit' option for price slider
  • Create session so user doesn't need to input form data multiple times for requests
  • Additional captcha for send to friend form
  • Pass property id in Send to friend and Request showing form to use in plugin after forms are submitted
  • Add cooling (as well as heating) in property details
  • Ability to hide/show listing price - 'Call for price' (editable in language files)
  • Fix noobslide gallery - first image does not display the title and description
  • Changed behavior of property default_overview to hide created date if it is not set
  • Fixed typo issue breaking noobslide
  • Open gallery when images tab is clicked
  • Fixed issue in PDF where disclaimer text would overwrite map
  • Add MSN to agent edit form and front-end display
  • Add Skype to agent edit form and front-end display
  • Add Gtalk to agent edit form and front-end display
  • Field for agent license #
  • Field for company license #
  • Option to show street number before or after street address
  • Allow admin to set how many days a property is considered 'New'
  • Options to show/hide msn, skype, and gtalk for agent display
  • Options to show/hide agent & company license #
  • Options to show/hide agent & company images
  • Addition of Open Houses
  • Added Agent Notes field in ip admin
  • Option to use images/css/none for banner display
  • Fixed camera direction issue in Google StreetView plugin
  • Add name of requester to ‘Request Showing’ form email subject
  • Agents and company display Joom!fish compatible
  • Street address compatible with Joom!fish
  • Fixed pagination issue with sticky search criteria (with reset option)
  • Modified save property and mortgage calculator display - dropdown instead of modal window
  • Added Category list to property details page linking to related categories
  • Update all modules/plugins to use core component helper functions (consistency)
  • Fixed contact menu parameter to select agent/company id
  • Plugin position onAfterRenderToolbar() - trigger additional toolbar links in property view
  • All properties display [cat view with no category selected will now act as all properties]
  • Plugin for JomComment to support commenting on property listings
  • Property clone function to copy listings
  • New modules/plugins including gallery and RokSlideshow of listings (permission from Rocket Theme)
  • Improved geocoding - special functions for gbase feed
  • Much more...

IProperty V1.5.3(x)

  • Add 'Sold' to the stype dropdown-
  • DB indexing/Fixes-
  • Allow Beds/Baths to get set to 0 for commercial props-
  • Add toggle for metric/standard measurement-
  • Add rollover preview to advanced search sortable table (toggle in admin to choose whether or not to display)-
  • Add agent photo/contact info to flyer view-
  • Add contact preference (email, phone) and preferred contact time (morning, afternoon, evening) to contact forms-
  • Add agent bio field-
  • Admin setting to send requests to admin, agent, company or agent and company-
  • Admin setting to copy requests to site admin-
  • Show sale type in property overview and details view-
  • Add sort by price & listing date to quicksearch bar-
  • fix property helper query and count query (left join categories)-
  • change currency symbol in settings to allow 3 character (swiss IP user on forum)-
  • allow 0 sqft, beds, baths, etc on advsearch-
  • strip tags from description, if no short description is being used in overview-
  • fix permission issue when creating folder on fresh install
  • Fix admin property keyword filter to search by ref# & short description-
  • Ability to hide agent sidebar from property details page-
  • Fix line break in property overview - if no country is selected, the line does not wrap how it should-
  • Fix amenities line break issue - if no end paragraph tag for property details, amenities do not wrap below-
  • Plugin positions - property details view-
  • Plugin positions - admin control panel view-
  • Toggle for metric/standard units-
  • Ability to add default state, agent, company, category, and country in admin for new property form-
  • Do not display property details if none exist (Lot size, Lot type, etc)-
  • Extra field in property table for title (toggle in admin to show title instead of street address)-
  • Add sold banner when a property is sold-
  • Setting for default map type-
  • Ability to hide sale type drop down in adv search view-
  • Plugin position for actions when a user submits a property request (add email to newsletter, etc)-
  • Option to show full/fractional baths in admin/frontend-
  • Split Amenities into 2 columns-
  • Add amenities to flyer-
  • Change captcha image to point to 'index.php&tmpl=component' instead of index2.php-

IProperty V1.5.2

  • Backup/Restore
  • Advanced search pagination
  • Email cloaking
  • High/Low price filter in quicksearch area
  • Bug fixes
  • Image path fixes
  • Geocoding
  • Gallery image title/description display
  • Captcha path fix
  • Improved routing depending on menu items
  • Abstracted JS file for advsearch map
  • Add price parameters in quick search
  • Add missing postcode field

IReport Statistics for IProperty


With our IReport add-on for IProperty, you can track hits to find your most popular categories, companies, agents, and even individual listings! View your stats in a user friendly chart layout right from your IProperty admin panel, and optionally show statistics charts to front end users. With multiple plugins that seamlessly integrate with the Joomla! core and IProperty's custom event triggers, IReport gives you additional functionality that is completely separate from the core component. Use the plugins that you want, and leave others inactive to fine tune your statistics display. If this sounds interesting to you, head over to the Thinkery extensions site to learn more!

Learn more!

IPReserve Reservations for IProperty


Designed for vacation rentals, short term rentals or longer term rental situations, IPReserve has an extensive feature set and the flexibility to allow site administrators to create custom calendars and apply them on a per-listing basis, allowing individual properties to have different high season, low season, holiday or custom calendars. If this sounds interesting to you, head over to the Thinkery extensions site to learn more!

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